Festival of experiences

1. 7. - 31. 8. 2020 regardless of weather
Kladské pomezí

Festival zážitků

We would like to present to you the Czech-Polish project called the Festival of Experiences in which the main goal is to offer its visitors during the summer touristic season the most varied experiences connected to the cultural legacy of the region. The topics of the stated experience events will be well-known figures, military history and traditions. The festival will take place on the Czech as well as the Polish side during the upcoming period of three years with the events of each year focusing on one of the above stated topics. In summary, you will be able to visit 27 places.

This year‘s festival will include ten different places. The providers of each touristic attraction will prepare a seasonal experience program that will be repeated on the same day each week during the summer holidays. The program will be aimed at the topic of well-known regional figures who lived or created in the region of the Kladsko Borderland and on the Polish
side of the border.

Come and join us to enjoy the festival holidays filled with experiences that will introduce you to historical figures whose regional legacy persists up to today, together with its connection to the time period.

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The kladsko borderland

The touristic area of the Kladsko Borderland by its name refers to a joint history with neighboring Poland. In the past, the territory on both sides of the border used to be a part of one state unit – The Land of the Czech Crown (Země Koruny české). Right through there went an important
trade route, called the Kladsko Trail (Kladská), which used to connect Prague and the Kladsko area and continued all the way to the Baltic Sea. Several centuries of interwoven history have preserved very strong ties and shared experiences between Czech and Polish people up to today.

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