A brief description of the project

Interreg V-A Czech Republic Poland

Priority Axis 2 Development of the potential of natural and cultural resources to promote employment


Activity 1:  Conservation and restoration of cultural and natural attractions leading to their use for the sustainable development of the common border area

Subactivity: Implementation of measures aimed at greater involvement of cultural and natural attractions in sustainable tourism 

Activity 2:  Promoting the use of intangible cultural heritage - Development and restoration of local folklore traditions and other forms of local or regional intangible cultural heritage, which, under the conditions of their use, have the purpose of increasing tourism in the border area.


Realization Date: 10/2017 - 09/2020


Main goals

·         an increase in tourism at the Czech-Kladsko border

·         an extension in the number of overnight stays

·         accessibility of the cultural heritage of the region

·         a creation of partnerships within the region among tourism performers

·         a deepening of Czech-Polish cooperation


The project was created reflecting the current trends in the tourism sector and destination needs based on the current market strategy of the Kladsko borderland region. This is a project whose main goal will be to draw the attention of the media and of visitors commencing the summer tourist season and, during the main tourist season, offer the most diverse experiences related to the cultural legacy of the region. The main thematic axes are: 

·         significant cultural figures

·         military history

·         traditions


Individual project activities and their implementation:

Festival of Experiences

At selected points – places of attraction for tourism, an experience program will be created. For three years, the Festival of Experiences will be held at twelve places on the Czech side and 15 on the Polish side. Each of the involved attractions will prepare an entertainment program for one season, which will be repeated on the same day of the week during the summer holidays (in summary, 9 times).



– web pages will be created in four language versions (CZ, PL, DE, EN). A promotional film from the Festival of Experiences will be part of the website, which will also be possible to be placed at the site of each performer.  


Promotional printed material

- the creation of the “Festival of Experiences” promotional catalogue in four language versions is published at the beginning of each year before the exhibition season, i.e., three times during the course of the project.



- a two-day training for the Czech and Polish experience performers will take place before each tourist season prior to the festival experience event for a period of three years. Individual performers will be primarily addressed, but other workers currently active in individual sectors of tourism, information center staff, etc., will also be able to participate.


Graphic manual

- a single graphic style will be projected into all promotional material, such printed material, an educational trail, a quest, a competition and others.


Research, survey

- securing visitor traffic and gaining feedback



- due to the close links between the various activities of the project, a visitor card will be created in a simple business card format. Once five stamps are collected, a small reward will be prepared for the competitor. In the event of seven stamps, the first three contestants will receive a reward in the form of an extraordinary experience.


Educational trail

- simple signs indicating places involved in the Festival of Experience. The educational trail works with the individual themes of each year.



- this output will be a part of the educational trail, that is the signs could be a part of the educational trail labeling, and both outputs would promote attendance of the individual experience places.


Opening and closing the season

–the opening event is on the Polish side, where each year of the total three, it will always be organized by one of the partners.

Closing of the season is on the Czech side. 


Marketing campaign

- an essential benchmark for this activity is the mirror effect, i.e., that the marketing tools, be it internet, radio or regional television, must be projected on both sides of the border. The promotion will take place in the form of an internet campaign and a radio campaign.