8Happy Tower

Happy Tower

Each Saturday during the holidays the city hall tower will change into a happy and entertaining zone for the whole family. Historical riddles, a music program and hidden surprises will be waiting for visitors. Everything will be set according to Świdnica legends and fairytales. This way we
will also have a chance to meet local historical figures, for example Anna Svídnická or the princes of Świdnica. In a playful way we will look throughout the field of astronomy, which Maria Kunicová (Cunitz) was devoted to.

Wieża Świdnica (Świdnica Tower)
  • Wewnętrzna 4
  • 58-100 Świdnica
How to get there?
How to get there (map)?

Where do you look?

The tower in Świdnica has an interesting origin – it was demolished and rebuilt several times during its more that 700-year history. The city hall tower was probably the first brick-built construction in the Świdnica square, and that was already in the 13th Century. The tower withstood World War I as well as World War II in good condition. It decorated Świdnica square (Rynek) for more that 202 years, until the 5th of January 1967, when it collapsed due to bad construction procedures during reconstruction of the tower and due to demolition of neighboring buildings. The tower was given its present appearance thanks to the reconstruction that was conducted during the years 2010–2012.

Anna Svídnická – daughter of Jindřich II, the prince of Svídnice-Javorsko; wife of Charles IV, King of Luxumbourg, Czech king and emperor of the German nation; mother of Václav IV, Czech and German king and Eliška, the wife of the Austrian prince Albrecht III of Habsburg.

Maria Kunicová (Cunitz) – a female astronomist. She was interested in astronomy and studied poetry, painting, music and also math, medicine and history. She used to live in the stone house “Under the Golden Boy“ (nowadays Rynek 8), where from the roof she observed the planets Venus and Jupiter. Her most well-known work is “Urania propitia,“ which contributed to the dissemination of the findings discovered as of then of Kepler’s laws of planetary motion.

A statue of Maria Kunicová (Cunitz) is located in front of the city hall – a sculpture of original proportion made of bronze sitting on a bench in the Świdnica square (Rynek) with a look focused
on the sky.

Did you know that?

… Anna Svídnická was initially chosen by Charles IV as a possible wife for his son Václav? However, Václav died, same as Charles’s second wife Anna Falcká, so Charles decided to marry Anna Svídnická himself.