7With the Čapek brothers into a world of fantasy

With the Čapek brothers into a world of fantasy

In the Museum of the Čapek Brothers we will become acquainted with the artwork of both brothers in an interactive way. Like the way of the dog and the cat – the main characters of Josef Čapek‘s book - younger participants will have an opportunity to try to bake a cake or sew up the dog’s trousers. Older visitors will have a chance to build their own robot by which they will be able to recall the sci-fi drama “R.U.R.”, whose author is the younger of the brothers, Karel.

Muzeum bratří Čapků (The Museum of the Čapek Broth
  • Náměstí K. Čapka 147
  • 542 34 Malé Svatoňovice
How to get there?
How to get there (map)?

Where do you look?

The Museum of the Čapek Brothers was established in the birth house of Karel Čapek, and each of the brothers has his own exposition. Karel’s exposition is aimed at the family residency in Malé Svatoňovice and individual periods and areas of his work (literature including creations for children, journalist work, photography, drawings…). Josef’s exposition forms a cross-section of his entire artwork as a painter, and it is accompanied by documents from his life. At the entrance of the museum both expositions are introduced by a selection of regional art photos, whose author is Zdenko Feyfar, a native from the nearby city Jilemnice.

The brothers Karel and Josef Čapek were multifaceted artists from the interwar period. Both were writers, and at the beginning they even created together. Karel furthermore worked as a journalist, while Josef is known rather as a painter.

A bronze life-sized statue of both brothers is located in the park in front of the museum. Just a few steps away a legendary healing water spring can be found, thanks to which the town Malé Svatoňovice is often also called the Water Fountain. The Čapek brothers used to call their native region “The Garden of the Mountain Man from the Giant Mountains” (Krakonošova zahrada).

Did you know that?

… the internationally used word “robot“, whose authorship is credited to Karel Čapek, was in fact created by his brother Josef and originates from the word of Slavic origin “robota“ which means “work“?